Periods problem and small breast size

Doctor, I am having periods problem. My period is back 2 or 5 days before. But now in period time bleeding 5 or 6 days then white discharge then again bleeding. My weight is low, I want to increase my weight 55 or near about 60 kg and breast size. Because my breast size is very small. This month my periods are back in 16 th. But continue bleeding a little bit now. What will I do, please suggest me something.

Periods problem and small breast size
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  1. Hello! Welcome to MediMetry!
    I have gone through your query and understand your concern. Let's address it one at a time.

    Regarding your periods, usually an up down of a week is permissible unless it's more than that and it is accompanied by unusual bleeding. If that is so, you need to take an USG of your ovaries and surrounding tissues and do a hormonal profiling. You may upload your reports to me.

    Regarding your whitish discharge, if it's smelly or thick or of a different colour, you need to visit a gynaec for an examination as it may be infectious.

    Weight gain can occur with a good protein intake and regular exercise. Have you considered joining a gym?
    Hope this helps!

    Live healthy!