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  1. Thanks for consulting us.PCOS does not have a single component.Only one canot say that you are suffering from PCOS by just doing an USG and even in USG certain criterias to be filled like number of cysts their sizes and ovsrian volumes.
    Next one has to get certain blood examinations done like FBS,PPBS,Serum Insulin level.Blood Glycosulated Haemoglobin,Serum Testosterone and DHEA.FSH.LH level.Serum Oestrogen and Progesterone level.
    If you have done all this get me back with the reports through MedyMetry.
    Pl.also get Thyroid profile and Serum Prolactin level done.
    Clinical examinations by a Gynaecologist is required to check for abnormal hair growth on face and chest and for blackening of skin on nape of neck.
    Irregular period from amenorrhoea to period at different time occur due to annovulation to irregular ripening of follicles in the ovaries.Mainly the cycles are anovular.
    Empirically it won't be wise to advice you medicines unless I get those reports and clinch the diagnosis of PCOS.
    Please let me know your age and marrital status.
    Best wishes.
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    My age is 24 and I am married
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    11mm cyst on ovary
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    I don't have thyroid but my periods are irregular
  5. Only one cyst?volume of ovaries?any hair on chest or face?any blackening of skin on back of neck?periods are occuring at what intervals.Pl.let me know your height and wt.your age and marital status.
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    Married and age 24
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    5.2 height and weight 68
  8. Considering your height and wt.your BMI is 27.4 which is on higher side (range 18-24.9).
    Try to change your life style and avoid fatty ,fried food and restrict catbohydrate.Attend Gym.
  9. Presently your diagnosis of PCOS is not confirmed.Pl.get the investigations done as advised.
    Best wishes.