Partial tear of ACL of right knee. What precautions to follow?

2 years ago I met with an accident and my right knee injured with ACL problem. I took 2 months medicine prescribed by ortho specialist and kept my leg straight without any operation. Now I am OK and want to join gym. What precaution should I follow.

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  1. Hi...did you take physiotherapy sessions? Or any other kind of exercise regimen?
  2. Are your all the knee movements alright? Do you climb up and get down the stairs painless or without any strain?
    What are the movements that still makes your knee feel little unstable or strenuous?
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    I am feeling no pain. I can run at the speed 16 on treadmill and up down the stairs without any strain.
  4. Fair can join the gym...incorporate exercises specifically for forward and sideways, squatts, go for quadriceps Nd hamstrings strengthening....also you can start with some weighed lower body strengthening exercises( glutei, adductors and abductor strengthening)

    Also i would suggest you not to run on iv had my patients previously who started sprinting very soon and ended up having joint effusion(swelling, pain etc).
    Keep consulting your physio.
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    Thank you mam. my body weight is 83kg. right now and I want to loose weight so I joined the gym. May you guide me about diet. I have calcium and vitamin B 12 deficiency also.
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    Orthopedic told me tof avoidhat I can't twist my leg and
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    Doctor advised me not to twist leg, avoid jumping, and sudden break while running.
  8. I told you not to sprint...but you will have to strengthen your quadriceps and hamstring muscles....whatever i told you above doesn need any twisting of leg
  9. Your knee has to be strengthened....also apply cold pack after gymming ovr knee joint...
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    Thank mam
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