Will paracetamol affect the efficacy of vaccination?

My baby is three and a half month old.. She got her fourth vaccination today and doc prescribed ibuprofen and paracetamol suspension.. .i want to ask is it okay to give this medicine after vaccination.. Does vaccine will be effective fully after taking this medicine?

baby taking medicine



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  1. Hi Deepali and welcome to Medimetry.Fever is common after vaccination especially vaccines like DPT,meningococcal.Paracetamol can be given right after vaccination rather then waiting for fever to come.It will also reduce chances of baby getting irritable or suffering discomfort such as pain at site of injection.I suggest you to use infant Paracetamol suspension 120mg/5ml.The exact dose depends on your baby's body weight.It is 15 mg per kg bodyweight per dose and can be repeated after 8 hours if baby gets fever.It won't affect the efficacy of the vaccine.I sincerely hope this information helped you and answered your query.Keep us posted with more queries.Best luck and take care!