Pain while walking in pregnancy

I am 4 months pregnant. I go for walk daily in morning for about half an hour. From last week i have started observing breathlessness and also slight pain in stomach while walking. I walk at very normal pace, infect slow only. What should I do? Should i stop walking in pregnancy?


Pain while walking in pregnancy
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    In your second trimester, pregnancy hormones stimulate your brain to increase the frequency and depth of your breaths, allowing you to take in more oxygen for your growing baby-to-be. Those hormones also swell the capillaries in your respiratory tract and relax the muscles of the lungs and bronchial tubes, making you feel like you're sucking wind. But in some cases it can be a symptom of anemia also. Stomach pain can be due to stretching of ligaments. If it increases and is associated with cramps, spotting or discharge per vagina, consult your doctor. Otherwise there is nothing to worry.
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