Pain under knee.

Sir, I am 21 years male suffering from pain under knee from last six months. This is not joint pain. I have took treatment from an orthopadics. After x-ray there was no problem found. He suggested me to do exercise but I’m already a hockey player. Please help!

Pain under knee.

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  1. Hi,it may be due to some muscular injury or stretch in your should do knee exercises daily ,for pain relief go for ultrasound and short wave diathermy and wax bath from your nearby physiotherapist.. At home you can use heating pad for pain a towel below your knee joint with leg straight then press it with your quadriceps ...
  2. X rays shows only the bone your case.but there are many a things which may cause knee pain like tendon / muscle or joint capsule if you mean under the knee means backside of knee in standing.The conditions may include hamstring strain(very common in hocky),hamstring or posterior capsule tightness.but we can not ignore the referred pain from hip or low back to knee.Thats you need to see a sports medicine or sports physio for proper diagnosis.