Pain on the outer side of foot

Hello, I have pain on the surface of my feet all the time and when i get up in the morning n when i put my feet on the floor i feel tremendous amount of pain under my feet.
ESR in my blood test is high n doc told me dat it is a sign of arthritis as i also have pain on my wrist widout any injury.

I also have cheat pain which gows through my back and when i eat anything i feel burning sessation in my chest and in my endoscopy it was encounter that i have haital hernia…
I am 28 years old and have alot of problems. I do smoke n drink
Any suggestions??

pain under feet


Answers ( 3 )

  1. From how many days u have this problem
  2. First of all try to quit your habit of smoking and drinking...any other test done before pain in small joints is may be due to rheumatoid arthritis which usually occurs in young age ...sometime times it may be due to vitamin d deficiency also take some supplements of calcium n vitamin d....make habit of doing exercises regularly which includes clockwise n anticlockwise movement of foot ,back exercises and deep breathing exercises...avoid spicy food and outside food ....
  3. If you won't get relief. By doing this consult to a. Physiotherapist or orthopedician clinic for proper assessment and treatment can suggest you for uric acid testt also.therapist can give you ultrasound .,shirt wave or wax therapy for pain relief..