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  1. Please give some details like what is your age,history of diabetes,any accident or injury ...there are various causes of joint pain like arthritis, any inflammation, any injury sprain or strain in joints,calcium deficiency etc..
  2. Have you consulted any orthopedic I an or physio before?do you feel pain more in morning,is there any stifnes in joint,swelling or redness is there?let me know these things so that I can suggest you further ...
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    My age is17 no diabetes
    Only have asymptomatic rheumatic heart disease
    My limbs shake sometime

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    In detail .. It is only sometime not always like two days in a weak when I think or going to do just a little hard work eg climbing or pull etc I have sweet aches very much increase decrease simultaneously with pain and when I put my mind different thing then okkkk also OK when the particular work is done. I have consulted to many doctors but no able to explain what is going on in my ankle foot joint and wrist aches

    Sometimes when not aches my limbs tremble when I working or sometimes when at rest an walking situation wosen when I have to argue inwith aggression with any person but I'm no afraid then also
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    Once in one or two months I see blurred for 30mins to 60mins simultaneously like when we see before falling to floor its darkens or like when before eye check up the eye drops put in eye they make to see blur
    It is a stage like seeing very low and dark and at that point I want to see that is black but suurond may be little clear
    Situations OK after sometime for a month
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    I have only records and ongoing treatment for rheumatic heart disease and aortic regurgitation which is asymptotic
  7. Thanks for your details...problem which you mentioned are symptoms related to rheumatic heart disease and regurgitation... You must do exercises in ur daily routine,do meditation and breathing exercises along with the treatment which you are taking ..