Pain in shoulder while throwing ball. Why?

I am having pain in my right shoulder. When i am trying to throw a ball during playing cricket, when i am playing volleyball, my shoulder is paining. I am guessing its due to the way I sleep on bed. I need some suggestions what is the reason and possible solution.

Pain in shoulder while throwing ball. Why?

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  1. Shoulder pain may be due to indirect trauma or overuse of the shoulder ..there may be rotator cuff injury or adhesive capsultis,sprain these conditions will lead to limited movements due to should go for x-ray if the pain is severe and from long time.. Physiotherapy plays important role for prevention of joint stiffness and pain relief..consult to the physiotherapist for treatment so that he can apply modalities to your shoulder for can also take some heat therapy by using heat pads to the shoulder for pain relief ..don't do much movements like abduction and extension of shoulder joint .try to put your hand supported..Do streching exercises for shoulder and strengthening of muscles