Pain in legs due to periods

Hello Doctor,  Its my 7th day after frozen embryo transfer.  Today in the evening i felt period like pain for about 15 minutes, then it gone.  My legs are also paining like periods may come any time. Is there any problem with implantation as the pain occur?? I am afraid.


Pain in legs due to periods
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  1. Thanks for writing. As you are feeling pain on 7th day of implantation you should take proper rest .Avoid sex .Avoid physical and mental stress and immediately consult to your Gynaecologist .If you are having stomach upset or bowel or bladder problem it can also leads to similar situation.But consultation is must.Till then Good luck.
  2. Thanks for writing to us at Medimetry. As you have pain you should take proper rest. Avoid any form of physical and mental stress. Consult your Gynaecologist immediately. Pain similar to periods is because of Prostaglandins you can take antiprostaglandin like Anafortan 1 tab but only after informing to your Gynaecologist.This type of pain can be due to many medical or surgical conditions like-Gastritis,Appendicitis,colitis, or even minor bowel or bladder problem.So proper consultation is needed. Till then all the best.