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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your query on MediMetry.
    I would like to know how long has this pain been present, whether it was preceeded by trauma, whether there is any bruising or blackening or skin changes present in the area, if its associated with fever, and other relevant history that you would like to share.
    In the meanwhile, if it's acute and sudden, I would advise you to immobilise the left leg ie rest and apply cold water or wrap the limb in a towel drenched in cold water for immediate relief. However if it's a chronic condition, warm compresses might help.
    Also please ask your dad to have enough water ie 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. You may also consider to gently massage the affected area.
    In the meanwhile you may consider to approach a geriatrician who upon complete examination may schedule a management or prescribe medications better suited to your father.

    Please do write back to us regarding the progress of your father's health.
    Live healthy!