Pain in leg calves and right shoulder with high cholesterol.

Hi doctor, I gone through whole body checkup, the major alert is as following :-

Ultrasound whole abdomen: impression: grade 1 fatty infiltration in liver. Suggest clinical correlation lipid profile:cholesterol 296.0 mg/dl <200 – desirable 200-239 – border line high >=240 – high hdl 46.0 mg/dl <40 – low>=60 – high triglycerides 211.0 mg/dl <150- normal 150 – 199 – border line high 200 – 499 – high>=500 – very high ldl 207.8 < 100 – optimal 100-129 – near optimal.

My age is 34 year male. I have ldl as 208 and vdl as 46 total cholesterol is 6.43. Currently i am having pain in leg calves and right shoulder with high cholesterol. What should i do. Do i need to go doppler ultrasound for limbs or vitamin d and b12 test.


Pain in leg calves and right shoulder with high cholesterol.
Family Physician

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  1. Hello,

    I carefully read your question and I understand your concern.You shoud not worry . I'll try to explain you something and give you my opinion.

    You should know that cholesterol target levels depends on some factors like your age, other associated rics factors like hypertension , diabetes and hereditary history of high cholesterol.

    If you don't have other risk factors that I mention before than your target levels should be for total cholesterol below 180 mg / dl and for ldl cholesterol below130 mg / dl.

    You can try to control your high values by dietary style but sometime this is not posible and medical treatment is mandatory.

    So what you can do now is to start to loose weight by regular physical activity minimally 40 minutes a day.
    Avoid fast food and sweets.
    You can try this for three months bht if your cholesterol doest fall down you should start medications.
    Calf pain could be because of calcium, vitamin D or vitamin B12 deficiency so you should definitely check them.

    Hope I was helpful.Wish you good health.
    Best regards.
  2. User
    Thanks a Doctor for your valuable opinion. I had dignosed with hypertension twice in last ten months. My LDL is 296 and VDl is 46.
    I will go for other tests as suggested by you. Is there anything else that i need to take care. Best Regards and wishes