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    I feel pain in my abdomen area and pubic area...
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    omg female doctor
  3. User
    sry I didn't noticed
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    Hello are you thr...May I share my prblm with you
  5. are you comfortable consulting me?
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    I don't have prblm
  7. User
  8. User
    r u tr?
  9. yes...can you attribute any reason for your pain.
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    I don't know...
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    sry to say it to you My penis size also reduced because of this
  12. any associated symptoms like burning micturition, diarrhea?
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    nothing like that...
    pain and that prblm....
    it became vry small...
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    if you don't mind I can attach a pic
  15. don't worry about size, it doesn't matter.
  16. take tab cyclopam twice a day after food for 2 days for pain relief and get your CBC ESR and Ultrasound abdopelvis done and revert back.
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    I know madam size doesn't mtr..
    after that pain only size reduced
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    r u dr?
  19. don't worry, get the tests done and then I will guide you further.
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    How much it cost
  21. around 800rs.