Pain during physiotherapy session.

Hi. I have gone through Ilizarov surgery (External Fixation Removed). Now going to physiotherapy session  for ROM (Range Of Motion) as I need 90 degree for knee bending. But the session is very painful that I’m not able to get it even after 2 weeks. Even though we apply wax, the pain seems to be same. Could you please suggest me an alternative which can be done to reduce the pain. Pain is Intolerable please help me.

Pain during physiotherapy session.

Answers ( 2 )

  1. Paraffin wax batch is suffle the joint before mobilization but for exercise induced pain try for IFT in knee joint.If joint space is intact than you should get a good ROM depending upon how early you started the rehabilitation.If passive mobilization is painful for you ,other options availble are CPM machine(contineous passive motion)
  2. And faradism under tension.CPM is normaly indicated since the first day of post immmobilizaion phase for best result.