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  1. Hi,
    welcome to medimetry...
    we can understand taking too much of pain kilers is not good and not the solution for any problem .
    There are several reasons for neck pain in daily routine like incorrect use of pillow ,incorrect posture or long hours of sitting work ,use of mobile phones etc.
    Sometimes neck pain is may be due to cervical spondylitis ,nerve impingement which causes headache,giddiness,severe pain in neck and hand also
    As you mentioned that your pain is causing disturbed sleep firstly use soft n thin pillow while sleeping,use heating pad before going to sleep ..Also use heating least three times a day once your pain get subside you can go for exercises..
    Have you gone thru any investigation like x ray or MRI before please share those reports with us so that we can serve you better..
    Also elaborate when your pain is more in morning or evening?
    will you do exercise in daily routine ?
    is there any numbness or tingling in hand ?
    Sometimes heating may enhance pain so use it and share your experience..
    will tell you exercises later for your neck which leads to stremghtening of muscles and joint mobility as this is important because severe pain leads to affect the mobility also