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  1. Thanks for writing to us.How long are you married?
    If your cycles are at regular interval of 28 days then it is expected ovulation to occur around 14th day of the cyles.Pl.rememeber that in all cycles ovulation might not occur.Ovulation occur only when HypothalamPituitary Adrenal ovarian axis acts in a synchronised manner.
    To detect ovulation by kit like Pregdate you are to examine the urine 2 hrs after lunch (you must not pass urine after lunch before the test)from 10th day to 14th day of the cycles at the same time.
    Please get an USG done for whole abdomen for uterus,adenaxa as also for adrenal.
    Blood to be examined initially for Serum Prolactin level,Thyroid profile , Fasting and PPBS.Serum Insulin level and Glycosulated haemoglobin.
    Husband's semenanalysis to be done after abstinance of atleast 3days.
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    Is it possible ? In normal (28)period's ,ovelution is start in 17 or 18 day.