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  1. Hello Anvesh,
    Welcome to Medimetry! At 5'6", you are atleast 40 kilos over weight. Ideally your weight should be between 60-65 kgs. So much weight loss can be effectively achieved by performing rigorous exercise and diet. Only diet and only exercises is not going to help. I would recommend that you start with atleast an hour of cardio exercises. Along with it I would recommend that you eat more of puffed foods. Whenever you are hungry, you can opt for pop corn or murmura to satiate your appetite.
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  3. Hello Anvesh. Welcome to Medimetry. Follow a strict pattern to lose your weight consistently. Firstly, eat a diet rich in proteins. Every meal include pulses, legumes, milk, eggs either of these to give you high proteins. Secondly, every meal should be fiber rich like raw vegetables, whole grains, soya, pulses, either of these to keep your hunger at stay. Eat at an interval of 3-4 hours. Avoid eating junk foods, sweet beverages, pulpy fruits like mango, banana, custard apple etc, limit to potato, cut down on fried and refined foods. Drink plenty of plain water in between the meals. Next, about exercise, daily follow aerobic exercise upto 45 mins like cycling, running, skipping, jogging, brisk walk or zumba. Let your meals be rich in fiber and protein as mentioned above. Be very thorough with what you eat and how you spend your energy. Set up monthly targets for weight loss which will keep you motivated. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.
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    Please send the diet table for proteins and fiber contents
  5. Hello Anvesh. The protein content of all cereals vary from 2-3 gms per 30 gms, egg-7 gms, fish -20 gms proteins per cent 90 gms, fruits and vegetables contain negligible amounts of proteins. Nuts approximately 4 gms proteins in 20 gms. Fiber content of cereals varies between 11-12 gms per 100 gms, pulses 10-30 gms per 100 gms, vegetables 1-10 gms per 100 gms and fruits 0.1- 7 gms per 100 gms. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.