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  1. Hi piya,

    Welcome to MediMetry, I can understand your concern.

    i would like to suggest you that don't go for any kind of
    medication for weight loos since your weight is not to obese.
    it is easy to reduce weight by proper exercise and proper diet.

    The most fool proof way to loose weight is by performing exercises and controlling diet.
    1. To start with you can start running at least for half an hour daily.
    2. Do cardio on alternate days.
    3. Do crossfit exercises or any physical exercises on regular basis.
    4. Keep yourself hydrated all the time.

    There are some guidelines which will help you to reduce weight.
    1. Try to keep you dinner salt free for few days like wheat flakes or oats no vegetable.
    2. Eat lots of low calorie fruits n vegetable .
    3. Go for green tea.
    4. Exercise more.. than you eat.

    Hope that answers your query. You may go for private consultation for detailed discussion.