Ovaries cysts

My name is Nagaraj and my wife name is Sri Latha.She got pregnant but we were not

prepared for that and we decided to Go for abortion and we met gynecologist and he suggest the abortion pill and my wife took the full course and she started bleeding and it continuing from last 25 days and once again we met doctor to know what is the problem and she suggest to go for ultra scan we did it and in the reports it was result as ovaries cysts and we shown to the doctor she saying to do D&C surgery to remove it but we are tensed about it.
Please give me the solution about it what to do?Is it safe by doing surgery?

Ovaries cysts
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    In cases of medical abortion , the most common complication is continued and excessive bleeding, as in your case where the cause can be retained products of conception which are probably the cause bleeding and not the ovarian cyst. If there are retained products of conception then the next best way would be to get a D&C done to remove the products and stop bleeding.