Open mouth during sleep and drooling saliva.

Hello Doctor, I am facing problem in breathing and i get my mouth full of saliva. It starts drooling and open mouth during sleep. I have pain in nose and back of the head. Please help me.



Open mouth during sleep and drooling saliva.

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  1. HI Shibin,Welcome to medimetry!
    Without examination of throat it is not advisable to arrive at an accurate diagnosis!
    But from the details you have given i doubt it to be ADENOIDS HYPERTROPHY(though its rare in adults,But its on increasing trend)

    Symptoms of Adenoid Hypertrophy:
    *Mouth breathing: As a result of blocked nasal airways, children with adenoid hypertrophy are often forced to breath through their mouths. If mouth breathing occurs for a prolonged period of time, orthodontic issues can arise.
    *Runny nose: Because mucous cannot drain properly through the back of the nasal cavity, mucous and secretions exit through the nostrils.
    *Snoring and sleep apnea: The blocked airways caused by the enlarged adenoid tissue can interfere with breathing during sleep.
    *Chronic sinusitis: When enlarged adenoids block the nasal passages, the sinus cavities cannot drain properly. The buildup of mucous leads to inflammation of the lining and often infections.
    *Eustachian tube dysfunction: When enlarged adenoids prevent proper drainage from the Eustachian tubes, fluid collects behind the eardrum.

    I would suggest you to consult an ENT specialist and get examined
    Thank you!