Oedema problem

I am 32 year old body builder. Tried testosterone for gaining muscle and strength and didn’t faced any issue. This time i used deca durabolin 100mg injection and after that i have moon face and swelling in palm and ankles, oedema problem. Please┬ásuggest medicine to relieve fluffiness and swelling.

Oedema problem
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    Thanks for the query
    1.Diruetics :These are drugs that raise the rate of urination, providing a means of forced diuresis.
    2.Decrease the salt intake.
    It can can renal disoder or Cardiovascular complications .
    Well go to the nearby physician for a proper physical examination and proper treatment can be advised to you
    stop taking the injection
    As sometime this injection also causes tge swelling issue on face and limbs .
    Take care