Hi doctor I have suicidal tendency all I have in my mind is to end life I have no reasons to live nobody loves me and I have ocd problem some times if nothing happens also my mind concentrate on the negative things even my brain doesn’t want me to be happy and being sad  has became an habit but sometimes even I want to live like a normal person happily but my mind is not allowing. In night I can’t sleep and  in morning I can’t wake up happily i’ve also tried lot of medications like ssri tryptomer and others they just sedate and my sadness continues my mind itself create a lot of problems I always worry about the future that something wrong might happen to me I  have stopped going out and mingling with my friends properly even sometimes they make fun of me. I am totally depressed and i’ve no way to get rid of this please help me to cope with my problem.



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    When we are stuck with a problem it looks like this is the end of the world. It's very normal. We all feel sometimes like that. It's normal. So what we all do? 1- we try to look opportunity in a particular situation.2- we try to fight from a given situation. It's easy. But it also has some pro's and con's. It makes a person less confident. It gives negative self concept . It's normal. Very normal. So what to do? We try to find a person who can help us. Counselling gives a healthy environment to find out various solutions for a problem. You can also try to discuss your issues with a psychiatric or counselor to find out where your are facing problems. Provide more details to make a clear picture of your problem. I can also help you. Meanwhile 1- don't isolate yourself 2- think rational. 3- be assertive. Say a big "no" for every negative thought. 4- try to remember your positive points and write it down. Read it aloud. Again and again. 5- you can also write your negative thoughts. After few days read it again. It will allow you to know are you really in a bad situation or you have some other option for a problem? 6- pranayam and meditation will help you 7- follow your daily routine strictly 8- laughter is the best medicine to make a person healthy. Friends are friends so they make fun. But everything has a limit. You can say 'no' if they hurt you. This will make them understand what you like or dislike. You have a choice to make friends. For example- we choose different colours to make a picture on a canvas. It's up to us which colour we choose for our picture. I suggest you to choose always those friends who support you to live a happy and healthy life. 9- have nutritional diet 10 7-8 hours sleep is necessary 11- keep your body hydrated take care.