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  1. Hi,
    mainly I advise you to
    do skipping for 15-20mins,jogging for 30-40mins, cycling for 40-45mins,yoga and meditation in the morning.

    Eat fresh fruits, egg white, fresh green leafy vegetables, skinless chicken 1-2 pieces once a week( should not be consumed as a fried dish, it should be a boiled home cooked dish),
    use skimmed milk since it contains low fat,
    avoid meat, if you like fish you can consume it once a week( again it should not be a fried variety, it should be in a curry form as it contains less oil used in the cooking process for that).
    eat fruits in a raw or fresh form avoid consuming it in a juice form.
    If possible do daily swimming in the evening atleast for 30-40mins and brisk walking for 20-30mins.
    Avoid eating junk foods and fast foods.
    Substitute roti or rice with oats if possible.
    If you have problem eating oats for whole week you can also use brown rice which is rich in nutrients..
    Stay hydrated by taking plenty of fluids.if you are not satisfied consult a dietician.