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  2. Your weight depends on your height and your body composition. If your weight is 10 kgs more than your height you can easily control it with diet alone and if more then diet with exercise becomes important. But I would suggest a combination of of diet and exercise from long term control point of view. Exercise atleast 1/2 an hour daily. Include protein foods like pulses, legumes, sprouts, low fat milk and its products like buttermilk, eggs optional. Every meal should have a protein food along with your regular meal. Eg: breakfast milk or egg, lunch- pulse or sprout preparation etc. Avoid refined foods like bread, refined flour, sugar, sweets, deep fried foods, excessive non veg intake if any and junk foods. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries
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    My, male, the present weight is 104 kg.and my height is 5feet 11 in. What should be my optimum weight ?? Are your calculations based on BMI ? Do you think that the calculations based on BMI are fully correct Pl.take my age also into consideration, as I am 53 years old.
  4. Your ideal body weight should be 77.5 kg. The calculations are not based on BMI. For ideal body weight we simply calculate required weight for your height.Also as per your age, you are definitely obese. You can still go ahead with moderate exercise. N then gradually increase the time.