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  1. Hello Ahtisham. Welcome to Medimetry. Your ideal body weight should be about 77-78 kg. The calorie plan you are following is perfect for weight loss. Go for a protein rich meal everytime. Include 2 egg whites for breakfast, add dals and sprouts to lunch and dinner. Include skimmed milk for evening and bedtime. Apart from this, make sure you consume goodbye energy sources like complex carbohydrates. Example- wheat, jowar etc. Before eating drink 1 cup of green tea. Avoid eating after 8 pm. Do running in morning if possible. Walk lightly after dinner. Practice pranayam to help you burn calories. Drinking water between meals. Avoid eating junk foods, deep fried foods, deep fried Non veg foods, fried egg, egg yolk, bakery foods, dryfruits. You can take 2-3 almonds or walnuts. Prepare a wholesome meal of cereal, vegetable and dal to keep you full through out the day. For a customised diet plan, kindly go for a private consultation. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.