Numbness in hands and feet.

Doctor, I took cold medicine last night like i was taking from 2 or 3 days. When i got up in the morning, there is numbness in hands and feet. I also have double vision problem by which i can’t balance my body. Please help!

Numbness in hands and feet.

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    well for the numbness on hand and limbs
    Take Vitamin B12 supplements (methylcobalamin)
    tablet Gabapentin once in a day but under the guidance of physician
    Does your mother is a diabetic or hypertensive patient
    It can be paralysis of extraocular muscles which is responsible for defect in vision
    For the double vision like problem it can be even squint you have to take the consultation from ophthalmologists regarding the surgical procedure or eye exercise even vitamin B12 and vitamin B supplements by which you can improve the double vision problem
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