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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.
    At the onset, I would like to tell you that if any time you have these symptoms, please be rushed immediately to your nearest health care centre.
    Please go on a 12hour fast at night and do all your reports in the morning.
    Do reply your reports, your personal details like age, weight, height, BP, if your on any medications, family history, similar episodes in the past, etc.

    Live healthy!
  2. User
    Tq madm but based on my symptoms which specialist doctor i have to consult my age is46 weight78kg suffering from severe neck pain also
  3. First I would like you to go to the nearest health care centre and get a complete checkup done which includes ECG, vitals like BP, pulse, etc., complete examination and blood reports.
    You may consult even a regular GP for the same.

    Depending on the above reports, I could advise you better.

    Your most welcome.

    Live healthy!