Numbness and pain in right hand

Doctor, I am 29 years old, mother of 1 year old. I have been feeling numbness in my right hand from 15 days. And since yesterday numbness is gone but there is muscle pull kind of pain in the same hand. No other symptom. Kindly suggest what can be done.

Numbness and pain in right hand

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  1. Hi. ... first tell me whether you had any kind of wrist injury. .our did u use the affected wrist much?
  2. Did u feel numbness in your palm specially during night hours and was relieved by shaking your wrist, if yes then it could be carpel tunnel syndrome with which u are suffering.
    For treatment, give rest to your right wrist for 3 to 4 days do not perform labored activity using that wrist.
  3. Later if pain permits, do some gentle exercises of wrist and fingers such as making fist, simple movements of wrist.
    In case your problem still remains unsolved, consult an orthopaedician.
  4. User
    Nope there was no injury and it happens during both day and night time. Now the numbness is gone but there is pain left in my right hand as of a muscle pull pain..
  5. Can have detailed discussion, regarding your query if something is left unanswered.
  6. Do you feel this sensation in your full palm?
  7. Or through your full right limb. ..?
  8. If your full limb is having this is suggestive that your nerves of right limb are getting affected. You need a thorough clinical examination by a neurologist.