Noticing dust like white particles in urine sample.

Hi mam, I am 34 weeks pregnant. From last 4/5 days I am noticing very few amount of dust like white particles in my urine sample. Last week I was admitted and was given steroid for baby’s lung development antibiotics as I had some discharge but later it got stopped and now it’s normal. Do I have to worry for dust like white particles in urine ?


Noticing dust like white particles in urine sample.
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    Dust like white particles can be a sign of vaginal infection also. Get urine routine and culture done to look for urinary infection or proteins or casts. Get a vaginal examination done to look for infection especially candidiasis which is very common in pregnancy. If you get anything positive in the report, it can be treated accordingly. Otherwise it may be a nonspecific complaint, so stop worrying unnecessarily.
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