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    One can reduce weight by dietary and lifestyle change. Physical activity and diet will help you to keep fit and healthy.
    Medically BMI more than 30 is considered obesity. Losing too much suddenly is also not good for health. Rapid weight loss adversely affect your health. Don't take medicine, they have adverse effect.

    You can have various measures like:

    1. Have more fruits and vegetables.
    2. Avoid junk food, oily food items.
    3. Exercise regularly (yoga or aerobics).
    4. Eat food rich in proteins and fibres like egg white boiled chicken vegetables fruits pulses.
    5. Sleep for at least seven to eight hours.
    6. Have small multiple meals instead of 3 big meals.
    7. Stop having: milk, milk products, refined foods, packaged food of any kind like bread namkeen biscuits maida etc.


    For more detailed discussion you can have a private consultation also.