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  1. Good afternoon Navya. Please let me know your age,height,weight and marrital status.
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    My daughters My age 15 height 150 ang my weight 36
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    My daughters promblem only no my
  4. When did she had her first period.Usually after menarche periods may be irregular.But if her first period occurred more than 1 year ago then she will need some investigations to be done.
    To start with please get an USG lower abdomen done.
    Her BMI is quite low it is just 15.5 ( normal range for her height is 18.5 to 24.9).
    She must take adequate nutritious diet.
    Best wishes.
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  6. Thanks.
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    This time also my daughter didnt get periods i am afriad what is solution?
  8. Please get the investigation done and get back to me.
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    What ivestigation i want do doctor?
  10. USG lower abdomen for pelvic organs.
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    I already finish it is normal
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    Usg abdomen finish
  13. Pl.whats app the report at Medi Metry with mention.of attention Dr.Pradip.
  14. Dear Navya , You can whatsapp your reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of Dr. pradip with this question.
    Thank you!
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    My aunt preghnant two times that two times he got abortion also
  16. Good evening Navya. Pl.request your aunt to have a seperate consultation for her problem.You are already logged in at Medi Metry for your problems.Both of your problems can not be answered at the same ID.Please bear with us.