Not gaining weight due to weak digestion.

I’m under weight. No Appetite. Having chronic constipation. very weak digestion since last 16 years. can’t digest heavy food .Except Dal, Rice, 3 small roti and 50 gm Vegetables for Lunch.Non Smoker and non drinker. No Tea or Coffee . I’m unmarried. Doing Masturbation 3 times a day. Taking pegmove powder in night but, not effective. Having Mucus Liquid cough taking 325 mg guaifenesin to reduce mucus.


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  1. Hello Sam,
    Welcome to Medimetry!!
    Besides, sorry for the delay in response.
    Now since you are having all these symptoms since the past 16 years, they need to be investigated actively. Please share if you have undergone any investigation in the past few the same.
    These symptoms are crucial and should not be ignored.
    More over, you must keep yourself very well hydrated by drinking atleast 5 liters of water everyday. Your diet should contain a considerable amount of fiber so try and include at least one bowl of salads in your every meal.