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    1. Bilirubin is breakdown product of red blood cells in the liver. It is secreted in the bile which is drained into the small intestine.

    2. Bilirubin is present in the blood in two forms, conjugated (direct) which is attached to a sugar and unconjugated (indirect) or unattached. By doing a blood test one can know the level of conjugated, unconjugated and total bilirubin in blood.

    3. Bilirubin levels in blood can be high due to many conditions including
    Liver infection
    Alcoholic liver disease
    Obstruction to flow of bile
    Gall bladder stones
    Drug interactions
    Cancers including that of hepatobiliary system and pancreas
    Blood disorders
    Genetic causes

    A diagnosis is suspected after studying the pattern of bilirubin elevation and if it is direct, indirect or both. In many patients an ultrasound scan abdomen is recommended to evaluate raised bilirubin in blood.

    I would suggest you to take liq elixir neogadine 1 tsf twice a day before food and get yourself tested for the cause.

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