Normal delivery even having more weight

Hello, I went for scan in 32 weeks 5 days. Doctor told that every thing is fine, baby head position is downward. Doctor said that there is a lot of chances for normal delivery.Whether should i do any exercises for normal delivery? I mainly prefer normal delivery. Baby weight as per scan is 2.225 r- 225. Is it correct weight if baby weight is more. Somebody told there is low chances of normal delivery.Can we know height of baby and hair growth? Doctor told me i can see back portion of baby head. Baby having more hair at backside and height is medium and in 9th month, height may increase she told me. ¬†Actually I don’t know whether baby is boy or girl. One more thing during pregnancy my weight increased up to 14 kg now and i have controlled eating sweets. By personality I am not looking as more fat but weight shows more. Is baby weight gain because of milk?


Normal delivery even having more weight
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  1. Thanks for writing to us at Medimetri.Your scan at 32 wks is normal. You have around 2 weeks time.You should go for regular antenatal checks to assess baby's growth. There are certain parameter which normally ultrasound tell us like biparitak diameter, abdominal circumference, femur length.these parameters give an idea about froth of baby at that time.After delivery baby's growth is dependent on genetic constitution, environment and nutrition. Sometimes babies who are not going well in uterus do well after delivery and
  2. vice versa.So at present time your baby is healthy and normal. Follow advice of your Obstetrician.As you have gained 14 should get your all investigations done especially blood sugar level .Diabetic can have more weight gain and heavier babies.your BP should be normal .Raised BP can be cause of more weight gain. If everything is normal. enjoy pregnancy.You can do some sort of exercise under guidance of experts.You should consult regarding your diet from dietician you can do usual household work but should avoid over exertion.You can have normal delivery if everything is normal at term and baby's weight is up to 4 kg.More than that chances of Cesarean increases.
  3. I think I have answered your questions. Write me if you have other problem. Good luck.