Uterus line thickening and nonstop bleeding.

Hello doctor

I was born in September, 1968 and I am not married and also do not have any sexual relationship. Do masturbate to satisfy need. I am suffering from nonstop bleeding.

My periods were very regular at the cycle of 28 days since my teen age till last year. But since January 2016 my periods are very irregular, which varies cycle from 45 days to 120 days. From January mid to March mid of 2016, I was bleeding with blood clots continuously as almost 10-12 pads I was using within 24 hours. Later in March, 2016 medical reports showed that line of my uterus was thickening and due to it I was bleeding . ( which previously I thought as the process of menopause ) so in March 2016 my gynecologist recommended me to go for procedure of cleaning uterus by sucking unwanted waste. After a day of the treatment, bleeding stopped and everything came to normal. Though my cycle was fluctuating (with normal flow of bleeding) between 35 days to 60 days till December, 2016.

Unfortunately since 20th January, 2017 again heavy bleeding with blood clots is started and I am afraid that whether again I have developed thickened line of the uterus or so.

Please note that I do not have any pain in pelvic area. I have TSH thyroid and diabetes. I am regular with the medicines and diet and I am non alcoholic and pure vegetarian. My mood swings a lot and I do get angry for very small reasons which I am not used to.

Let me know whether it happens because thickening of uterus lining and due to masturbation ? Also let me know if any other reason after it. Also guide me for treatment and its pros and cons.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Uterus line thickening and nonstop bleeding.
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  1. Hello, Thank you for posting your question on MediMetry.
    The Menorrhagia or the excess bleeding that you are describing could be due to major issues which is hormonal imbalance which you already have as you said you are hypothyroid. I would recommend to maintain a good TSH value by titrating the dose of your thyroxine accordingly.
    Second and the most important contribution is your thick endometrial linning which would require dilatation and curettage which will reduce the flow.
    In addition I would also recommend you to get Prolactin, FSH , LH levels done.
    It could also be perimenopausal symptom as your cycle will definitely alter before it stops .
    Please wait for few more months and then investigate further
    Hope this helps
    Best wishes