6 wks pregnant .No fetal heartbeat.

i am PCOD patient since 5 years and was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism few weeks back.Fortunately i got conceived naturally without any treatment and my LMP is 28th feb and my scanning report says i am 6 weeks pregnant. Actually there is no fetal heartbeat after multiple ultrasound scannings .We’re so very worried.I was given many injections to my thighs and am taking vaginal tablets too ..I just wanted to take a second opinion .Is my Baby normal? My whole family is worried.we are unable to visit another doctor because of this pandemic..please help

6 wks pregnant .No fetal heartbeat.
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    Usually, the type of ultrasound also matters. An abdominal ultrasound is less sensitive and may take longer to identify a heartbeat. On the other hand, transvaginal ultrasound is more accurate, especially during early pregnancy, as it is inserted into your vagina and has better access to the uterus.It is possible that it is not there at 6 weeks and is seen for sure around 7 weeks . If on ultrasound gestational sac is seen normal with fetal pole then you should wait for 1 week and get scan repeated. If there is any bleeding in between this duration, it may be worrisome. It's important to monitor the growth on serial ultrasound at this time. Other test is serum beta HCG which should show increasing trend at 48 hours.This test can be done if you are worried to wait till next scan.Please do share your reports for detailed discussion.Do consult privately.