Nine months old having difficulty in breathing.

Hello Doctor, My nine month old boy caught fever and cold two weeks back. Gave paracetamol and fever got cured. Gave him alerid, ascoril and also antibiotics under the guidance of pediatrician. But still has running nose and some breathing difficulty. He was nebulised thrice. So, bit worried about his health. What can be done to reduce his suffering?


Nine months old having difficulty in breathing.

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  1. Hello and thank you for posting on medimetry.You have already been doing your best for the baby and giving all medications.It may sometimes take some time for bidy ti respond.Do not worry.He may need a blood test for his total blood counts,absolute eosinophil count and Xray chest.If his counts are on higher side and Xray is suggestive of pneumonitis he may need change in antibiotics.If eosinophils are high it suggests an allergic etiology.Meanwhile continue with medications and nebulization and schedule an appointment with his doctor.Please keep me posted on his health and take care!