Neuro problem

I am suffering from neuro problem from last 2 years. In starting April 2015, I feel dizziness (chakkar aana) too much. After this I suffering from flurry & head pain regular till date. I change many doctor in Kanpur city but no relief till date. My C T scan, MRI report, ECG Report, Blood report also normal. Please suggest me what should I do.

Neuro problem

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  1. Hello,
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    I will suggest you undergo routine blood count, ESR, blood electrolytes, tests for vestibular (balance) system like electronystagmography or rotation tests to diagnose the cause for dizziness.

    Your local physician or GP will know about the test. He/she will order the test after complete history and thoroughly clinical examination like temperature, pulse, blood pressure which will enable us to arrive a diagnosis.

    Hope this will help you.