Nervousness, body shakiness and anxiety.

Respected Doctor, I am suffering from nervousness, body shakiness, anxiety since last four years.
I have been counseling Psychiatrist since last four years but my problem still remain same and it become worst. Whenever I meet any unknowns, drive or attend calls . Mostly my hand my fingers start trembling fast and my heart beats, breathing become faster .
I have been taking following medicines last four years.
PARI CR 37.5
Please suggest me what should I do? I feel very embarrassed when my hand shakes. Looking forwardly for your cooperation. Thanking you.


Nervousness, body shakiness and anxiety.
Family Physician

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  1. Hi Mr Vishwakarma. Thanks for posting your query on MediMetry.
    Regarding your condition, I would like to know a few details. Please do find sometime to reply back.

    - Your age and BMI. If you are in the younger age group, the medications that you are taking may have to be decreased or even substituted.
    - Your blood reports especially your thyroid tests, your kidney and adrenal functions, any abnormality in any other functions, etc.
    - Any surgeries or trauma ( physical, mental or emotional in the past), any precipitating event, etc.
    - Any undue stress. Any self or family history of heart disease, cancer, pressure problems, diabetes, etc.

    In the meanwhile, if possible I would like you to contact another Psychiatrist for the purpose of a second opinion which will be given after complete examination and other tests.
    Also you may use the following techniques to reduce stress and anxiety:

    - Having a well balanced, healthy diet
    - Avoiding caffeine, smoking and alcohol consumption and other vices.
    - Getting enough sleep ie 7 to 8 hours a day.
    - Getting regular exercise
    - Deep breathing exercises may help. Keep some hobbies.
    - Keeping a diary of your feelings.
    - Talking to a friend. Also if you consciously start interacting with at least one new person per day, it will boost your confidence and get you less stressed. You may also chat online anonymously as this may boost your confidence levels.
    - You may also visit orphan children or old age homes and say a simple hi as this will help you to be more relaxed in meeting lot of people at once.

    I would like to stress on Yoga and meditation of your choice. If your job or home environment is stressful I may suggest a change in either or both at least for a few weeks.

    Please write back to us for further clarifications.
    Live healthy.
  2. User
    Thank you mam for giving me your precious response .
    I am 26 years old unmarried boy . There is no any problem in my family and doing P.G from SMU Distance but last 2 years I am not doing my study just because I am not interested to do .
    But most of the time I am worried about my carrier , future and so on . I am not a diabatic patient and my B.P also remains normal . I don't have Sugar or any other such disease .
    I never had any surgery or any trauma . Neither I have any disease like cancer , kidney or other such major disease nor my family members .
    But, the most Important thing that I want to share with you that my Father's hands also have been trembling for many years .
    One more thing that I smoke some times and after doing that my heart beat becomes faster. When I felt nervous my hands become sweaty and when the condition become worst It becomes difficult to speak even my tongue trembles .
    I never had any thyroid kidney test because my doctor never prescribed me .
    Please reply
  3. User
    Mam , My negative thoughts always dominate my positive thoughts . I always think about my future , career , family and so on but I don't take any step forward even I don't study . I taught students from class 1 to 8 th for my pocket money since 5 years and now I have totally involved in that I don't focus on my self study and career .
    I think a lot to do but I don't do practically for my future . I always try to ignore my work till the situation becomes for do or die .
    Overall I think a lot but practically ignore to do everything .
    Please help me Mam because I am loosing my most precious time just because of my this unwanted disease .
  4. Hi Mr Vishwakarma. Thanks for taking off some time and replying to us at MediMetry.
    Thanks for your encouragement and praise for my suggestions!

    Please do the blood tests I asked for in the previous consultation and do reply back. Regarding your father's condition it could be a completely different condition, so don't worry about that.
    I would ask you to please start to quit smoking, as smoking causes heightened responses due to its excitatory effects on the heart and your symptoms could get even worse. Start with leaving one cigarette a day then to only one or two cigarettes a week and that too only on happy occasions. Do not smoke when depressed or anxious.

    Regarding your studies, I would advise you to join a study group or a centre or go to a library. Seeing people studying there will make you study too. Avoid using mobile phones or any other distraction.

    Regarding your procrastination, I would like you to make a time table and jot down whatever you want to do and when you want to do it. Keep an hour only for your hobbies.
    I have even advised many of my patients to keep half an hour on the time table (in the evening) 'to worry about the future'! Even though this sounds odd please know that many of my patients have benefitted as they consciously try to avoid thinking about the future as they have already kept a time slot to do so.
    Please try it and let me know if it helps you too.

    Do stick to your timetable, initially every alternate day, and then every day.
    Keep a diary and jot down your thoughts. I have given many other suggestions in my above consultation.

    I am very happy you help the children with their tuition. Good job!

    Please note that it will take some time for all these symptoms to go. And only you yourself and your close ones can help you. So hang in there.

    Do write to us at MediMetry.
    I wish you all the best!
    Live healthy.
  5. User
    Thank you mam , thanx a lot to not only understand me but also providing me your quick and fruitful response .
    I will try to follow your all suggestions and will do better .
    But mam what should I do about my treatment , should I keep continue my all above mentioned medicines and when I will get ride off from those .
    Being a student it could be difficult to afford my treatment and medicines cost .
    So I would like to know, how would long I have to be continue my medicines .
  6. Hi again Mr Vishwakarma.
    Thank you very much for your words of appreciation and I am glad I could help you out and that you are already feeling a little better!

    Regarding your treatment, I would suggest to kindly approach another psychiatrist or even a G.P. and ask if dose reduction and tapering is possible as you are looking at lifestyle modification as you are very young.
    But let me remind you that tapering of these medicines may lead to your symptoms flaring up so I suggest to first start all the points I suggested to you in my consultation and once you see an improvement, maybe then you can taper your medication on expert advise.

    I hope you start acting on my previous consultation as soon as possible. I wish you good luck and happiness!

    Please do refer your friends to this app. Do write back to us if any other query you may have.

    Live healthy.