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  1. long have you been suffering with this?
    Have you got ur x-ray done for your cervical spine(neck)?
    Do u feel dizziness or vomiting too?
    Does the pain radiate down the arm? Any tingling or numbness?
    Any movement restriction?
  2. Which side shoulder is affected, left or right?
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    Since a year I am suffering from this. Once I have got X-ray done . Both side of shoulder and neck start paining simultaneously
  4. It could be cervical need to undergo regular physiotherapy sessions and follow precautions....

    Since your neck pain radiates down the shoulders and arm...certain precautions are majorly to be followed:
    Avoid bending neck forward and work...avoid sitting for long in front of computer or laptop.
    Try to use handsfree or earphones to use your phone....

    Do not keep ur hands hanging while you walk...keep it in the pockets.

    Do not use pillow rather put a towel roll under your neck.

    Use hot fomentation over the neck region..atleast 2-3times a day.
  5. Avoid hanging bags or laptop on the shoulders.

    Physiotherapy treatment should include:
    TENS over neck, shoulders till arms.
    If there is spasm over shoulder muscles can use IFT too.

    Ultrasonic therapy over spasm or tender points.

    Neck mobilizations once the pain subsides to a certain extent.

    If u drive avoid jerky motions.
  6. Plz contact for further queries
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    Is there any pain killer for this
  8. You can take mobizox....if you have no low b.p issues
  9. But i dont prefer medicines as they are for short term effect in cases like you..