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  1. Yes it could be due to cervical spondylitis....if the pain radiates down the right arm with tingling or numbness then it is for sure due to nerve compression at some level of cervical spine.
    An x-ray or a physical examination by a Physiotherapist will confirm this.
    please do not go for any exercise if the pain is already persisting.
    As you said you feel pain around or below the shoulder blade it is suggestive of muscle spasm.
    Use cold packs over that area for around 10-15min.for atleast 2-3 times in a day.
    Avoid forward neck bending, prolonged desk or computer jobs and use hands free or earphones while talking on phone.
    Avoid hanging arm by the side as it might pull the irritated muscles towards gravity and hurt even more.try to keep in the pocket.
    Do visit a qualified physical therapist for the sessions.
    Avoid mechanical traction...treatment preferred will be hot packs over the lower neck, IFT and after 2-3 days U.S therapy.
    Hope i was able to clear your query.
    Take care
  2. TENS to be started for the radiating pain down the right arm once you feel little relaxed with this above treatment.