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  1. Hi,thank you for posting your query on Medimetry.

    I have gone through your query and can understand your concern.

    Allergy might be a reason for cough and cold since 1 and half year.Sinus may get affected because of cold.

    It would be advisable to have Allergy testing to find out that to which substances you are Allergic like Certain food items,dust,grass pollens,etc so that you can take precautions to avoid those substances.

    You may find relief by taking the following medications:
    Antihistaminic like Loratidine,
    Oral decongestant like Phenylephrine and Nasal decongestant drops like Xylometazoline,
    Steroid nasal spray like Mometasone,
    Cough expectorant like Ambroxol,
    Analgesic with Antiinflammatory like Ibuprofen,
    Antacid like Rantac.

    Also do steam inhalation.Drink lots of warm fluids.Avoid cold food and dust.

    After following the above measures,if your symptoms are not improving,then it would be advisable to consult an Otolaryngologist doctor.

    Hope this answers your question.Take care.