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  1. Good morning.Did you get an USG for pregnancy profile done? What was the report if done?
    Let me know her LMP .Is it her first pregnancy?
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    Yes sir, but before six month ago at second month a miscarriage occur. After six months she get pregnant again. We checked by gynaecologist, also done usg , doctor said child is normal but , again second time usg done after a month , the gynaecologist said child is normal but proper growth not seen. What's the reason.
  3. Good evening.Thanks for updating me.let me know the date of Last Menstrua Period.
  4. Let me know the date LMP.and USG report.
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    12 March date of last Lmp
  6. Thanks.Pregnancy is just of 43 dsys one can only find foetal poles,gestational sac etc and by transvaginal USG you can detect foetal heart beat.If these are o.k don't worry.But if foetal poles are not seen let me know.
    She can take Tab.Folvite 1 tab daily and in consultation with her Obstetrician she can take Tab .ASA 50mgm 1 tab or Tab.Ecosprin 75 1 tab daily.
    Sildenafil 50 gm.daily helps in foetal growth but to be taken only under supervision of a Good Obstetrician who can monitor for side effects and avoid combination with certain drugs which interact with it like nitrates and certain antibiotics etc.
    She should lie down on left side for 3 hours in the afternoon and have 8 hours sleep at night and avoid heavy work and journeys.Good wishes.
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    Thank you sir