My son suffering from stomach pain while eating . How to get him relief ?

Doctor my son age is 4.6 yrs from last 4 months he is getting stomach pain every time when he is eating , after little eating he get pain .After burping he feels relief . So can you please tell me the solution to get relief from stomach pain while eating ?

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  1. Hello Ram and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.The common causes of abdominal pain in your child could be indigestion,gas,food allergies,worm infestation,parasitic infestations of the gut or rarely Celiac disease.Give child home cooked light easily digestible food.A detailed history,clinical examination and work up is necessary for confirming the exact cause.Get child examined.If needed doctor may advise further tests like stool test.Treatment will depend on the exact cause.Hope it helps.Best wishes and regards!
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    Hi madam
    Alkaline reaction in stool test what it means ?