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    I appreciate your concern for your mother and would like to help you at my best.
    Recurrence of typhoid may be due to these possibilities , these include:
    1 Untreated or resistant salmonella ( 4 strain for typhoid fever ) . Get in blood culture and drug sensitivity test to find out exact nature of drug required .
    2 Since you are claiming that this is typhoid . This fever may be due to other reasons like virus , tuberculosis or any other type of disease .
    You didn't mention symptoms or don't attach any test reports , so it is very difficult to establish any diagnosis merely on the basis of this query.
    So either attach all reports ( upload ) and also write down various symptoms so that I may guide you further.

  2. Dear Martina, You can whatsapp the reports at +918800868744, also please mention the name of Dr Surbhi as well as your name.
    Thank You!
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    Thanx doctor I will do it asap