My doctor told baby is under weight. Is it worrisome?

I am 35 weeks pregnant and diabetic. My doctor told my baby is under weight ( only 2 kgs). What can I do to increase my baby’s weight? Should I include some specific food items? Is it possible to increase baby’s weight at this time?Doctor also told my amniotic fluid is less and also that I have very less time left for delivery.



My doctor told baby is under weight. Is it worrisome?
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    Diabetes is usually associated with macrosomia i. e. big baby and sometimes IUGR too. You should have your blood sugar levels in control and strictly follow the diet chart as per your dietician.
    There is time to catch up with baby's weight. As liquor is also less, you should regularly monitor your sugar levels and blood pressure. Take plenty of fluids orally, adequate rest,avoid stress, increase intake of proteins in diet as well as in form of protein preparations available in market. If required sometimes infusions are also given which may improve liquor and baby weight. Till your blood sugar and baby is fine on ultrasound biophysical profile, pregnancy can be continued but under close supervision.

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