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  1. Good evening Mrs.Chatterjee.Thanks for your consultation at Medimetry.
    Pl.let me know when did she had her first period.Her body wt.and height.
    Get her blood examined for
    1.Total Haematocrit values , Thyroid profile and Serum Prolactin level.
    2.USG whole abdomen.
    To stop bleeding give her
    A) Tab.Ethamsylate 250mgm 1tab thrice daily x 3 days.
    B ) Mumfer XT 1 tab daily after lunch x 4wks
    C) Syr.Gynedol 1tsf twice daily x 3months.
    If bleeding is not controlled with Tab Ethamsylate give her

    Tab.Primolut N 1tab Four times a day till bleeding stops then 1 tab twice daily x 18 days.If you start Tab. Primolut N , please see that she does not forget to take the medicine daily otherwise breakthrough bleeding will occur.
    Puberty menorrhagia is not that uncommon she will be o.k don't worry.
    She must not do heavy exercises during this period.
    Best wishes