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  1. Hello and welcome to Medimetry.A 8 month old baby should be ready to take 2-3 solid meals a day.A 8 month old baby has few teeth so purreed food can be replaced by mashed wellcooked foods.Early morning you can give breast milk or formula milk.Give suji kheer,apple in breakfast.In lunch you can give khichdi mixed with soft veggies.In evening give breast milk or formula milk.In dinner you may give lentil soup or rice mashed mixed with bottle gourd vegetables.Other options are upma mixed with vegetables,dal rice mashed and seasonal fruits.Every baby is different and intake of food varies in every baby.If your baby is active playful do not worry.If baby is attaining milestones as per age there is definitely no need to worry.Hope this information helped you.Keep us posted.Take care and regards!
  2. Suji halwa,ata halwa,ragi porridge,curd rice,idli dipped in dal,banana smoothie or shake are few other healthy options.
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    Give him cow milk?
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    What milk is best my baby??? Pls answer...
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    What formula milk eating him?
  6. You can give Lactogen 1 or Nan 1.