Muscle pain due to heavy work .

I always have a muscle pain on my arm whenever I do a heavy work like lifting buckets, hammering etc., specially the muscle part below the arm. Once I take medicine (I forgot the name) after consulting Doctor but of no use. Then I went to PMR for about a month, it relief my pain during those days and about a week after that everything returns to the same thing, the pain. During those pain, I can’t hold things properly as if my hand got paralyzed nor could I put my strength.

pain in arms


Answers ( 3 )

  1. Hi
    Did you ever lift any heavy weight in the past?
    Does the pain starts from neck and then radiates down the arm?
    It could be because of cervical spondylosis, muscle soreness.....
    I think you should take regular sessions of physical therapy...6-7 days will not be enough.
    As the treatment includes thorough examination, pain relief, mild manual therapy, stretchings follwed by strengthening exercises, which takes atleast 15-20 days.
  2. Treatment just for pain relief will never get u rid of this problem forever...
  3. Please see a good physiotherapist and get yourself examined and diagnosed first....then accordingly the treatment protocol will be prepared and implemented.