Missed periods problem

I have missed periods problem. We had sex on 15th April and took the i pill just after it and periods date was 18 but it came on 23rd. There was also a little bit bleeding on 22 but periods started on 23rd only and lasted till 26. Now its 24th may but there is no sign of periods.


Missed periods problem
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  1. Good evening.It appears that your last cycle was deferred by 5 days.Is your normal cyles get deferred by 5 days every month? If so wait till 28th May if it does not occur then after 45 days from first day of last period get urine examined for pregnancy.
    To be on the safe side if you have any pain abdomen or discharge per vagina get an USG done to exclude blighted ovum and extra uterine gestation or missed abortion. Don't get worried, I pill some times cause irregularities in period and amenorrhea as well.
    Best wishes.